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What are your supernatural experiences? Here's one of ours.

What are your supernatural experiences? Here's one of ours.

What are your supernatural experiences? Here's one of ours. 👻

While I was serving as Vice President ("VP") of the student body at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (Associated Students of the University of Hawaii or ASUH), my friend, a fellow ASUH Senator and I would often study at our student government office where ghostly things would occur at night. 💀

One evening, I was studying for the LSAT in my ASUH VP office. On the left corner of my desk, I had a glass centerpiece from an ASUH banquet. On the centerpiece were two small fake flowers, one green and one white. Strangely, the two flowers had somehow moved next to my right hand. I placed the flowers back behind the tightly tied bow on my centerpiece. I went back to my studying. Some moments later, I noticed the flowers by my right hand again. They were perfectly paired together like the last time and at the same part of my desk. 😱

I told my friend who was working in the main office. We decided to wrap a lot of tape around my centerpiece, securing the two small flowers against the glass. Someone would have to peel layers of tape to free the flowers. We laughed and closed the door of my office. Being that I was a little freaked out, I chose to study in the main office with my friend. After some time had passed, my friend and I decided to check on my centerpiece. We opened the door of my office and turned on its lights. The white flower was missing from my centerpiece. We looked all over my office but couldn't find it. Just as I was about to sit on my chair, staring at me was the white flower, lying perfectly in the middle of my seat. Happy Halloween! 😳

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