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Rise of the Positive Masters!

THE RISE OF THE POSITIVE MASTERS! We know what you want. It's what the great majority of us want, to be happy!
We know what you want. It's what the great majority of us want, to be happy! Happiness is not a destination but a way of life. You must work on your positive practices to attain and maintain it. With practices such as compassion, empathy, mindfulness, gratitude, meditation, self-reflection, journaling, goal-setting, reading and writing for personal growth, sleep, exercise, nutrition, being around positive people, sensory therapy, psychological therapy, and such, you can be happy a vast majority of the time!
Negativity has hurt your soul. I understand. It has damaged mine. Negativity exists everywhere: in yourself, in your loved ones, in others you interact with, and in certain events of your life. When you turn on your smartphone, computer, and television, you'll see people sharing depressing stories of domestic violence and international conflict. Then there's people complaining about mundane things. Go out in society and you'll see people arguing, road rage from the drivers of vehicles, verbal abuse in the personal realm and the work realm, and the list goes on.
The positive movement, as well as the negative movement has always existed since the time humans began to understand the powerful energy produced by our feelings.
Negativity grows stronger in us when we continuously practice negativity such as anger, jealousy, and impatience. If we're focused on these negative sources of power, we become Negative Makers, and in time, with consistent practice of negativity, we can be all powerful Negative Masters.
In contrast, with continuous effort on positive practices, we can be awakened to become Positive Makers and work at developing our compassion, empathy, and other positive emotions until they become our super power! With mastery of positive practices, we can reach the highest level of positivity and become a Positive Master.
Most humans, the Commoners, don't master their energy because they flip-flop between positive energy and negative energy so their energy becomes weak because of the lack of consistency in either practicing positivity or negativity. Moreover, energy drainers such as depression and the feeling of emptiness further weakens many humans from attaining negative masterhood or positive masterhood.
Happiness is a choice. So choose happiness and play a role in the rise of the Positive Masters!
Positive Masters provide happy products and services for you such as lifestyle practices, creative writing, books, art, apparel & accessories to support your vision of mastering a happy and fulfilling life! Just as mantras chanted by Buddhist monks help them to live positive lives, the words and designs on our products can serve as your mantras to guide you in living joyful lives! 

Like the Positive Masters before us, you too can attain the highest level of peace and happiness through your daily practices in developing a positive mindset, a healthy body, positive relationships, and financial peace, what we call the 4 Pillars of Happiness. In our blog, we'll be sharing practical and motivational content relating to these pillars of happiness that you can apply to your life to maintain your highs and lift you up during your lows.

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Positive Masters is a boutique company and brand based in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. We create our own graphic designs and have printing and fulfillment partnerships that has operations in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A and Riga, Latvia, Europe. As a small business, we print on demand, therefore, our printing, packaging, and shipping take about 7 to 12 days to complete an order. With this process, our costs are higher per item, thus, we price our merchandise comparable to other boutique fashion brands.

Thank you for joining us!  Happiness is our mission, our practice, our way of life. If we can play a small role in brightening up your soul, we would be extremely honored! We send our well wishes and positive energy to you!

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