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Years don’t mean as much as the days.

Years don’t mean as much as the days. What you do daily is what makes your years.

Years don’t mean as much as the days. What you do daily is what makes your years.

Consistency is key. Whether you’re working on your mind, body, or soul, put a little bit of effort daily. Over time, it adds up. 

Schedule your work and exercise in your calendar and in an app that you can share with your accountability partner. At the end of your day, count your wins and journal it. I journal mine in the notes section of my Google calendar that syncs with my MacBook Pro and Galaxy smartphone. I also write it in my Day One, a private journal on my MacBook Pro. Third, I write it in apps with my accountability buddies such as my friend’s Discord server and my other friend’s Google Sheets.

I make my productivity a game. I add up my wins every day. I give myself one win for every accomplishment. For difficult long-term projects that takes deep work and is challenging to sustain for 60 minutes, I give myself 1 win for every 30 minute-session of work and 2 wins for every 45-minute to 60-minute session of work. 

Give yourself a win when you spend quality time with your loved ones as well. I dedicate a day a week for my loved ones.

By the end of the year, I’ll have thousands of wins. Last year, I accumulated 4,337 wins. 

I also have a list of monthly goals that I tackle. I quantify my monthly goals with a percentage of goals I accomplished. My monthly goals keeps me on track with my annual goals.  

When I attain a certain amount of wins or a high percentage of monthly or annual goals, I reward myself with a treat like a great celebration meal for short-term goals and a fun product for my long-term goals. I’m constantly adjusting my game. You can set the rules for your productivity game, but make sure it’s challenging. Have fun!

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