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9: Positive Masters - Mindset Clips - Daily Action Plan & Managing Your Expectations

Welcome to Positive Masters where we develop our mindset and passion projects. For the first half of this mindset clip, I give more details on the importance of having a daily action plan. In the second half, I emphasize the importance of managing your expectations on when your work can be achieved. By doing your best to do the work and understand the process from A to Z, you get a better idea of how much time and effort it takes to get certain type of work done. This understanding makes you kinder to yourself when you are doing the work or more empathetic when others are doing the work. Enjoy Positive Masters' blog, podcast, videos, and products here at

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Years don’t mean as much as the days.

Years don’t mean as much as the days. What you do daily is what makes your years. Consistency is key. Whether you’re working on your mind, body, or soul, put a little bit of effort daily. Over time, it adds up.  Schedule your work and exercise in your calendar and in an app that you can share with your accountability partner. At the end of your day, count your wins and journal it. I journal mine in the notes section of my Google calendar that syncs with my MacBook Pro and Galaxy smartphone. I also write it in my Day One, a private journal on my MacBook Pro. Third, I write it in apps with my accountability buddies such as...

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This game is crazy hard but so crazy possible!

This game is crazy hard but so crazy possible!Games are usually fun but very challenging. If you see your work as fun and challenging then it's no longer work that you dread and do mainly for some type of gain beyond providing value for others and personal growth such as money, societal pressure, or familial pressure. Instead, like a game, you're enjoying your work and willing to face the obstacles and failures that come with the challenges. This is a great place to be where you get into a flow, so much so, that time flies by because you're loving the process. The more difficult the game, the greater your rewards will be for your personal growth. The money you...

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When you're driven, fantasy and reality are one!

When you're driven, fantasy and reality are one! Work hard on your dreams and you may get it! 👊⁠+positive masters+ is an e-commerce store at that provides mindset practices, motivtional writing, and apparel with mantras to boost your happiness and counter any stress, anxiety, sadness, or anger that you may be undergoing. Purchase $50 or more of our merchandise and get free shipping! 🛍️⁠⁠For pointers on how to live a happier life, discounts on our merchandise, and updates on our latest products and services, become a member of the +positive masters+ club by subscribing to our email list at 😃⁠⁠Receive powerful bursts of motivation through our writing and visuals, and get updates on our exciting products and services...

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