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7: Positive Masters - Study & Work with Me. Rain Background Noise. Two 45-Minute Pomodoros.

Welcome to Positive Masters where we develop our mindset and passion projects. In this video, let's study and work together for two 45-minute Pomodoros (study and work sessions). Don't you love getting cozy and working on your passion projects on those rainy days? Well, in this study and work session, we have rain for you. I'm a lawyer, small business person, and retired politician from Hawaii. My passion projects are writing fiction and creating content about mindset and mental health. I'm happy to have you as my study and work partner. Together, we can push through our ups and downs in our quest to improve ourselves and create value for others. We can't control outside influences, but we can control...

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In a dispute, not everyone will believe the facts. Keep doing what you can, but don't let your stress destroy your health or suck the joy out of your life.

If you're facing a dispute or litigation, all you can do is present your side of what happened. After that, it's up to the trier of fact, whether it be a mediator, arbitrator, judge, or jury. If they side with you, great! However, if they don't, tell yourself that you did what you could. Continue to do what you can, but don't let your stress destroy your health or suck the joy out of your life. My friends, I know it's tough. The truth will always live in you. Your life means a lot to those who love you. With Warmest Aloha,Jon Enjoy the +positive masters+ universe here at for mindset practices, motivational writing, and apparel with inspirational mantras and...

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When you're driven, fantasy and reality are one!

When you're driven, fantasy and reality are one! Work hard on your dreams and you may get it! 👊⁠+positive masters+ is an e-commerce store at that provides mindset practices, motivtional writing, and apparel with mantras to boost your happiness and counter any stress, anxiety, sadness, or anger that you may be undergoing. Purchase $50 or more of our merchandise and get free shipping! 🛍️⁠⁠For pointers on how to live a happier life, discounts on our merchandise, and updates on our latest products and services, become a member of the +positive masters+ club by subscribing to our email list at 😃⁠⁠Receive powerful bursts of motivation through our writing and visuals, and get updates on our exciting products and services...

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I seek loneliness to protect me.⁠

  I seek loneliness to protect me.⁠⁠Hiding my dreams from my enemies.⁠⁠If I have nothing, then why would anyone attack me for nothing?⁠⁠Little by little, I make my imagination real.⁠⁠In time, you can touch it. ⁠⁠Then, you can tell me how it makes you feel.⁠⁠- Positive Masters, Jon Riki Karamatsu, Poem, 10/25/2019 -⁠⁠This is a poem about wanting inner peace from judgment and attacks. When your work puts you out in the public, you will get judged, attacked, and punished harsher than if you are quiet and anonymous.I dedicate this poem to all of you going through your challenges. Keep going my friends! 😊❤️⁠⁠Positive Masters is an e-commerce store at that provides lifestyle practices, creative writing, apparel, accessories, and...

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