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When times get tough, love yourself more!

When times get tough, love yourself more! ❀️ During times of hardship, having alone time to replenish your energy is important. Activities such as self-reflection, meditation, reading, taking a nice walk outside, listening to a motivating podcast, journaling, drawing, designing, and creative writing can lift your spirit. 😊 My friends, if you're going through a slump, I feel you. There are days, I get up and question myself. "Why do I keep going?" When I restate my personal mission statement, I'm empowered by my "why," so I get up and keep doing my best. Sending positive energy to you! πŸ™Œ With Warmest Aloha,Jon Positive Masters is an e-commerce store at that provides mindset practices, motivational writing, and apparel with...

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Somewhere along our journey of life, we lost our innocence.

Somewhere along our journey of life, we lost our innocence. If you can see the innocent child in the person who is hurting your feelings, you'll be more willing to forgive that person, like you would a child. Replace the angry face of the adult hurting your feelings with that of a child. This can change your mindset, a hack that can calm yourself from raging back. A child is learning and molding his/her character. As adults, we can continuously improve ourselves as well. When you remain calm with an unruly adult, other adults and children observing will remember this. They too will have to choose what kind of reputation they want from others - the dark side or the...

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Be a student of mental health.

Be a student of mental health. Study your thoughts & emotions. Assess why you think & feel a certain way. Train yourself to be ready for difficult situations with people & events, whether it be death, failure, disagreement, judgment, impatience, etc. These difficulties will come at us sooner or later. The more we exercise our mind on how to best handle life's lemons, the better we become in reinforcing our positive thoughts by our positive actions.⁠ 😊⁠⁠As students of math, we practice numbers, & we still do so in our daily lives in order to make sure we pay our bills & get our returns on investments. As students of English, we are always reading, writing, & speaking, constantly changing...

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Take a deep breath.⁠

Take a deep breath.⁠ Whenever you feel stressed, anxious, or angry, a remedy you can apply that's really simple to do is deep breathing. As soon as you feel your heart rate picking up, your muscles tightening, or your head feeling nauseous, take a deep breath and count to four, then exhale slowly while counting to four. Keep repeating this slow breathing technique until you feel your heart rate normalize, your muscles relax, and clarity return to your mind. 😊⁠ Even if you're not stressed or anxious, try this breathing technique. You'll feel much more relaxed and ready to accomplish things. πŸ‘Šβ  In this photo is a model wearing our Angry Explosion Logo Unisex T-Shirt. This design was created as...

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Nothing is fair. Understanding this will set you free from regret and resentment.

Nothing is fair. Understanding this will set you free from regret and resentment. Why? Because what seems fair for you may not be seen as fair for someone else. βš–οΈβ β Look at our careers. What you bring to the table in your business or job will be seen differently by each individual. πŸ€”β β The same goes for punishment . Why do you think the judges and juries make widely different decisions in sentencing people for offenses? We all have our own biases and perceptions. That's why a person with a conviction of a violent crime can have a fine while a person convicted of a non-violent crime can go to prison. Us humans, with all our flaws, operate in shades of gray....

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