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This game is crazy hard but so crazy possible!

This game is crazy hard but so crazy possible!

This game is crazy hard but so crazy possible!

Games are usually fun but very challenging. If you see your work as fun and challenging then it's no longer work that you dread and do mainly for some type of gain beyond providing value for others and personal growth such as money, societal pressure, or familial pressure. Instead, like a game, you're enjoying your work and willing to face the obstacles and failures that come with the challenges. This is a great place to be where you get into a flow, so much so, that time flies by because you're loving the process. The more difficult the game, the greater your rewards will be for your personal growth. The money you receive from it is a bonus. 

When you love the work you do, you will push yourself to your limits despite the ridiculous odds stacked against you. Quantify and write down your progress in your calendar and journal, and reward yourself for your small wins. The more you work on your game, the better your chances of beating the crazy odds. Best of wishes on your game my friends!

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