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9: Positive Masters - Mindset Clips - Daily Action Plan & Managing Your Expectations

Welcome to Positive Masters where we develop our mindset and passion projects. For the first half of this mindset clip, I give more details on the importance of having a daily action plan. In the second half, I emphasize the importance of managing your expectations on when your work can be achieved. By doing your best to do the work and understand the process from A to Z, you get a better idea of how much time and effort it takes to get certain type of work done. This understanding makes you kinder to yourself when you are doing the work or more empathetic when others are doing the work. Enjoy Positive Masters' blog, podcast, videos, and products here at

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Don't have an all or nothing thinking. Stay positive!

Cognitive Distortions - Part 1 Don't have an all or nothing thinking. Stay positive! The following are a couple of examples of an all or nothing mindset: "I didn't get accepted into the university that I wanted so I'm a failure" or "I lost my election because people don't like me." All or nothing is the basis for perfectionism. Such thinking makes you feel worthless because of a failure or imperfection. Absolutes don't exist. If you force your experiences into absolute categories, you'll always be depressed because whatever you do will never measure up to your exaggerated expectations. Pictured is our Positive Sign Logo Unisex T-Shirt, which you can purchase here: We designed the positive sign on the shirt...

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