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My wish is for angry people to find happiness.

My wish is for angry people to find happiness.

My wish is for angry people to find happiness.

Here's a practice that you can do to help end the cycle of anger for anger. When a person lashes his/her anger at you, stay calm, walk away, and sincerely wish that person happiness from within your soul.

Here's our Angry Explosion Flip Flops. We made this character cute for a reason - to remind yourself to play a role in ending the cycle of anger and violence. Inside every angry person is a vulnerable soul that is deeply in pain. You can purchase these flip flops from Positive Masters here: Angry Explosion Flip Flops.

Enjoy the Positive Masters universe here at for mindset practices, motivational writing, business development strategies, and inspirational apparel to boost your happiness and counter any anxiety, sadness, or anger that you may be facing.

Enjoy our podcast on developing your mindset and passion projects that is available in our website here: Positive Masters Show, and it will be available soon on all major podcast platforms.

Under development is our mindset course on how you can build a positive mindset so strong that you'll be happier despite of outside negative influences and our course on making your passion project into your passion business through the use of legal documents, government programs, and business tools - a way to increase joy and meaning in your life.

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