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Kill your enemies with kindness.

Kill your enemies with kindness.

Kill your enemies with kindness. This is a cliché, but it's extremely powerful and very successful in the long-run, as shown by the Positive Masters before us such as Siddhārtha Gautama (Buddha), Mahatma Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi), and Martin Luther King Jr. Their nonviolence practices have amassed multi-millions of nonviolence practitioners.

You can expand peace in our world by your actions. If you grew up in a verbally and physically abusive family, you can end the cycle of violence with yourself so your children don't continue it.

When someone yells at you at work, you can remain calm and professional. By doing so, that person will look like a fool. Those observing the event will see two styles of leadership. Show them the peaceful path.

When the haters attack you and enjoy you being knocked down in the gutter, don't seek revenge in their dirty ways. Many of them are jealous and spiteful because they're living miserable lives. By seeing this view of them, you'll be able to have empathy for them. Either they'll die miserable or change to find peace within themselves. Hopefully, it'll be the latter.

If someone wants to kill you, don't retaliate. Transcend the pettiness of humankind's desire to destroy one another. Physical form may be killed, but a peaceful soul never dies.

Spread peace my friends. When a majority of us are at peace, the world will be at peace!

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