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Play the ultimate game, in which you can go anywhere.

They say, "Go to college, get a job.""Be clean cut, don't be a slob."So many people showing off what they've got.Some of it's real, some of it's not.Why not be who you are?Work from your heart and follow your own chart. Long hair or short hair, who cares.Play the ultimate game, in which you can go anywhere.- poem, +positive masters+, Jon Riki Karamatsu, 2/27/2020 - Are you feeling pressured to do what you think society expects you to do? What do you want to do? You've got one life. Before you know it, you'll be dead.  Enjoy the +positive masters+ universe here at for mindset practices, motivational writing, and apparel with inspirational mantras and designs to boost your happiness and counter...

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