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1: Positive Masters Show Podcast - You Can Bring People Together Through Your Art - Audiogram

In this clip of Episode 1 of the Positive Masters Show podcast, I mention how you can bring people together through your art. Art forms such as novels, poetry, theatre, movies, music, designs, and drawings, can bring out the emotions of your audience and make them connect with your story that may have a deep message on issues like war, discrimination, racism, physical violence, verbal abuse, bullying, suicide, and mental health. If you can make someone care about your character when they normally wouldn't but for your art, that's huge! Now they have empathy and compassion for that character and all the people that fits into that category of your character. Through your art, you can spread love and peace!...

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I'm so proud of my younger sister Mia who is an ER doctor during this pandemic with the Coronavirus.

I'm so proud of my younger sister Mia who is an emergency room doctor specializing in emergency healthcare for children in San Francisco, California. Mia is the middle child in my family, with me as the oldest and my sister Lara, a civil engineer in Honolulu, Hawaii, as the youngest. Since Mia was in elementary school, she said she was going to grow up to be a doctor. From back then, I had a strong feeling she was going to achieve her dream. My sister is also an amazing mother of three little girls, a great soccer player who played college ball at Loyola Marymount University, and a fantastic example of determination as shown by her ability to undergo so...

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