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If I don't find you in my lifetime, I will find you in my dreams.

If I don't find you in my lifetime, I will find you in my dreams. ❤️⁠⁠Romantic love is one of those things that happens naturally. If you experience it, consider yourself very fortunate. There are those who never experience it in their lifetime. Some try to force it. ⁠⁠For me, romantic love is so powerful that the world can be crashing all around me but the feelings for the one I love somehow makes me believe that everything will be alright. Even if I never fall in love again, I'm extremely grateful for being able to experience it.⁠⁠In my two unpublished novels, I created a love story as part of the bigger story filled with suspense, action, and history. I...

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5 Benefits of reading fiction!

 5 Benefits of reading fiction: 📚📖⁠ (1) Fiction expands your imagination. You visualize the characters & scenes. 😃⁠ (2) Fiction motivates you to be the hero in your life. In most novels, the protagonist faces obstacles to become a hero. Win or lose, you respect the protagonist for his/her tremendous efforts. Likewise, you can do the same in your journey. 👊⁠⁠ (3) Fiction helps you empathize for others. When you read fiction, you empathize for the characters undergoing hardship, an important quality to have in your life and career. ❤️⁠ (4) Through fiction, you learn different styles of writing that aren't usually shown in nonfiction books. 🖋️⁠ (5) Fiction reduces your stress by taking you into other worlds and...

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It's too late. Where I'm going, you have to die.

I met a girl at a coffee shop.We fell in love. Then we fought.She thought I lied about being alive.I cried, "Let's still try. We can still thrive."She replied, "It's too late. Where I'm going, you have to die."  - Positive Masters, Poem, 10/4/2019 - I based this poem on my unpublished first novel, a paranormal, suspense and romance story that I worked on from October 2006 to January 2014. 📖Positive Masters is an e-commerce store at , which provides lifestyle practices, creative writing, apparel, accessories, and fashion to boost your happiness and counter any stress, anxiety, or sadness you may be facing. We offer free shipping for purchases of $50 or more! ❤

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Creative Writing, a Remedy for Stress, Anxiety, & Sadness.

You're grieving the latest round of loved ones who passed away, a close family member and a dear family friend, both with caring and happy personalities, and both Positive Masters. You're putting out fires fueled by personality clashes in a non-profit organization you're leading that's suppose to promote inner peace. Phone calls and emails get thrown at you from your business partners and vendors, telling you everything that's going wrong. Payments aren't coming in from your clients while your attorney defending you for your driving under the influence case is needing his payment. Oh, and for that driving under influence case, the court threw the book at you for not being a good role model as a politician so you're facing five days...

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