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Sleep helps your mood, productivity, and health.

Sleep is so important because it helps our mood, productivity, and health. Click the Youtube link above to listen to the audio clip from episode 5 of the Positive Masters Show podcast - Get Better Sleep in which I go over 7 strategies to get better sleep. Enjoy the Positive Masters universe here at for mindset and business practices, motivational writing and podcast, and apparel and accessories with inspirational designs and mantras to boost your happiness and counter any anxiety, sadness, or anger you may be facing.

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I hold the warmth of your lonely soul - Part 2.

I hold the warmth of your lonely soul. Let your fears go. Let them fly away and dissipate. That's how we'll make our escape. - +positive masters+, Jon Riki Karamatsu, Poem, 6/22/2019 - You can be physically lonely, and you can be mentally lonely. Your fears can control your mind. You may keep them within you because you don't want anyone to see your vulnerability. However, by talking about your fears to someone who is understanding, that person may be able to help you to take the necessary steps to push away your perception of your fears, which are often distorted. Talk therapy or psychotherapy with an understanding person can help you break out of your blown out of proportion...

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Creativity makes your soul happier.

I recently watched The Florida Project on Netflix, a movie by Sean Baker about the innocence of kids making the most of their lives despite being poor. I cried. No matter what problems you have, there's so many other people facing tougher challenges. What an amazing movie, with both playful humor and heart-wrenching drama! The link to the preview of the The Florida Project is below: My heart melts for the children going through so many difficulties. Resiliently, many of these kids are still able to find ways to have fun. In my second novel, I wrote about the adversities the children in Iraq faced after the invasion by the U.S. I'm still pitching this story to the literary industry. I...

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Don't believe your distorted emotions are the truth.

Cognitive Distortions - Part 7Don't believe your distorted emotions are the truth.  Don't believe your distorted emotions are the truth. For example, you make a mistake and tell yourself, "I feel like an idiot; therefore, I am an idiot." No you're not an idiot. You made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. In that case, everyone is an idiot. Please. That's simply not true. Let's say you broke up with your lover, and this is the third time you've had a serious relationship. You tell yourself, "Since this is my third break-up, no one will ever love me." Again, your emotions are grossly exaggerated. You have many potential partners out there, and if they had an opportunity to know you, many...

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To lower your stress, anxiety, depression, or anger, lessen your consumption of the news.

To lower your stress, anxiety, depression, or anger, lessen your consumption of the news. 🎥📺📰📻🖥️💻📱 The news is filled with negative stories and gossip, stuff that will make you stressed, anxious, depressed, or angry. I stopped watching the news since 2015. 🙅🏻 I feel this has been beneficial for my mental and physical health. However, once in awhile, I research news on the Internet regarding niche subjects that is fun or practical such as business, weather, or sports from my alma mater universities: University of Hawaii and Gonzaga University. When people I know die or a storm is approaching, I usually see these stories popping up on social media, through word of mouth, or notifications on my smartphone. 😊 You...

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