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10: Positive Masters - Mindset Clips - Manage Your Energy

Welcome to Positive Masters where we develop our mindset and passion projects! Every day we have a finite amount of energy that we can allocate to our deep work and deep studies. For me, after I finish writing my morning journal and action plan, I like to dedicate my first power hour to my highest priority. This is usually work that is very important and takes a lot of thinking, reasoning, and/or creativity. My second, third, fourth, and other priorities are scheduled later. I do my best to schedule my light work in the late afternoon when my energy level is lower. Exercise, especially running outdoors gives me a second boost of energy. Since I get tired during the late afternoon...

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Make it a point to spend time with your loved ones.

Make it a point to spend time with your loved ones. Don't let your career or personal interests dominate your life. Set a certain day of the week or month to meet with them. If you don't hear from your loved ones, make the effort to contact them. The moment before you now is precious. This time next year will not be the same. Even when you are extremely busy, you can still dedicate some time to talk to your loved ones on the phone or on the Internet. Your future self will be grateful for all the memories you create with them. For instance, every Sunday afternoon, I get-together with my mom, dad, younger sister, bother-in-law, and baby nephew...

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