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Daily Action Plan

For my productivity system, I like to write my daily action plan into the event details in my Google Calendar. This is the notes area. Then I schedule my daily action plan in my Google Calendar itself, blocking time out for each goal in my plan. Next, I paste a copy of my daily action plan in my Notion app, a notes app that I use for my note taking, research, and writing - my second brain. I also paste a copy of my daily action plan in Discord with my accountability partner. At the end of the day, I tally up my accomplishments for the day. My work is quantifiable by time and/or amount of work completed. I also...

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5: Positive Masters - Mindset Clips - Happy Place & Tech Toys to Boost Your Productivity

Welcome to Positive Masters where we develop our mindset and passion projects! Make your work space your happy place! Also purchase tech toys that improve your productivity. I love my desk set-up with my 2013 MacBook Pro, 27-inch LG monitor, Keychron K1 V4 Keyboard, Logitech MX Master 3 Mouse, GameMax Mousepad, Rode NT-1 Microphone, Rode PSA-1 Arm, Elgato Key Light, Sony ZV-1 Camera, Elgato Mount System, and L8star Smart LED Strip Light. Make your work your play! Enjoy Positive Masters' blog, podcast, videos, and products here at to strengthen your mindset and build your passion projects to boost your happiness and counter any anxiety, sadness, or anger you may be experiencing. Wishing you well! With Warmest Aloha, Jon Riki...

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Entire Ep. 2 of the Positive Masters Show Podcast - How Working on Your Passion Projects Can Increase Your Joy and Purpose!

"Episode 2 of the Positive Masters Show - How Working on Your Passion Projects Can Increase Your Joy and Purpose!" is now available on the Positive Masters Youtube channel and all major podcast platforms where you can subscribe to our show. In this episode, I go over the following: 1. Defining Passion Projects2. Different Types of Passion Projects3. Reviewing the Things You're Passionate About Of the 70+ practices that I do, working on my passion projects give me a reason to look forward to the next day, even years ahead. It also fuels my drive to better this world in some small. And when I'm in darkness, it keeps me progressing with more knowledge, skills, and relationships. 😊 Click the Youtube link...

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