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Try tweaking your personal life and business to make a pivot.

Try tweaking your personal life and business to make a pivot.

Try tweaking your personal life and business to make a pivot.

A couple of days ago, I walked around my neighborhood with my friend Claire Ann Niibu @bizcoachclaire who I've known since our time as students at Pearl City High School. She's a business coach who consults in person and offers online courses such as accounting at We shared our latest happenings in our lives. "I feel like I reached my limits," I explained. Throughout 2020, I've been feeling so overwhelmed and worn down with my business projects and personal challenges. To top it off, like many of you, the Coronavirus has made things worse. How can I feel like this when I apply so many psychology, philosophy, and mindset practices in my life? I share these practices on my personal blog at, on +positive masters+ blog here at, and on +positive masters+ and my social media platforms. Yes, I still go through my ups and downs. In my most challenging times, even with the full force of all the mindset practices I utilize, sometimes all I need is a motivational comment from a friend to snap me out of my dark cloud.

Claire told me to try to make some tweaks in my life and business. Using the word "tweak" total shifted my perception of what I needed to do. Rather than being overwhelmed by the huge mountain I have to climb that's way out in the distance, I started seeing the different trails in front of me. Maybe, I'll take a different path, or heck, I should go off of these paths and travel where no one really goes. I'll wear different shoes with more support. As I hike, instead of only listening to music, I'll mix in some motivational podcasts. Hmmm, these tweaks are making the journey more fun! I'm noticing the little yellow flowers in the green meadow swaying with the breeze and the puffy white clouds floating across the light blue sky. Reaching the top of the snowcapped mountain is just a bonus. It's the journey that makes life interesting.

Likewise, I need to see the beauty of my journey in my career. I love learning. Therefore, I have to uncover exciting knowledge that will spark fresh ideas. I get a high off of building new skills. Thus, I need to push the boundaries to try different things that will develop the skills that I need to execute on my ideas. Yup, trial and error, that's how we evolve. Numerous of iterations and tweaks - that's what we need to do to keep moving towards our dreams.

Wishing you the best in your journey of personal growth!

With Warmest Aloha,
Jon Riki Karamatsu
+positive masters+

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