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Don't scold yourself or others for falling short of your standards.

Don't scold yourself or others for falling short of your standards.

Cognitive Distortions - Part 8
Don't scold yourself or others for falling short of your standards. 

Do you find yourself telling yourself, "I should've done this" or "I should've done that"? These type of words and the tone of them can create unnecessary frustration in your life. When you have goals, it's human to fall short at times. No one achieves everything they want. Take a closer look at your journey and all the knowledge, skills, and relationships you've gained. Don't you think all of them are wins? They are!

Now, the same goes for how you judge others. Don't scold them for falling short of your standards. I repeat "your standards," which could be blown out of proportion (another cognitive distortion). Instead, look at all of their gains, which you may have overlooked because of your frustration. Again, as humans, we won't achieve everything we want to accomplish, but we all can grow from our journey. Appreciate yourself and others for the journeys we undertake.

Sending love and positive energy to you!

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