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The highest calling for a human is to live a virtuous life.

The highest calling for a human is to live a virtuous life.

The highest calling for a human is to live a virtuous life. One can reach this way of life through mindset practices, psychology, philosophy, and/or religion. There is no single right way to reach a virtuous life. All that matters is that one is able to reach it.

To be virtuous or morally excellent, one is compassionate, empathic, patient, and loving, among many other great qualities. Virtuous people handle adversity in a calm and collected way because of their heightened awareness of their every thought and every action. We can attain this by holding ourselves accountable, not because of fear of any repercussion, but because it is the right way to live. By working on ourselves daily, we can maintain our mind with right thoughts that leads our body to do right actions since we are constantly aware that everything we do will affect ourselves, others, and our environment.

On the other hand, for many us, it can be overbearing to exert a lot of effort every single day on numerous mindset practices, deep analysis of the cognition and behavior of ourselves and others, or critical thought. It is so much easier for some of us to be told what is right and wrong through our fear of the wrath of a god or gods, the fear that good and bad things will happen to us depending on how we behave, or the fear on whether or not Santa will bring us gifts based on our past behavior. You see, religion can play a huge role on directing the masses to live virtuous lives just as well as practitioners of positive mindset, psychology, and philosophy. Social science and physical science are increasingly answering more and more questions and replacing religions; however, religion can still work together with science to help more people live virtuous lives. After all, the end goal is the same - for all of us to be happier, kinder, and better humans.

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