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4: Positive Masters Show Podcast - Matching Your Passions With Your Projects (Full Episode)

4: Positive Masters Show - Matching Your Passions With Your Projects Episode 4 of the Positive Masters Show has the following practices to help you to match your passions with your projects and to excel at them: 1. Define what passion means to you. Having passion in your project, if defined right, will motivate you to work hard on your project with grit and patience. 2. Practicing "delayed gratification" can help you to succeed on your passion projects and life. 3. Creating many future simulations in your head based on your past success and failure can play a role on your progress for your passion projects. The more you try things, the more you learn from your success and failure,...

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1: Positive Masters Show Podcast - 3 Daily Gratitude Practices to Boost Your Happiness! (Full Episode)

 1: Positive Masters Show - 3 Daily Gratitude Practices to Boost Your Happiness! 3 gratitude practices that you can do daily to boost your happiness: Express your gratitude from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Identify things to be grateful for during your good times and bad times. When good things happen, write down how grateful you for those wonderful moments. Also, if you use something you're grateful for, write it down. As mentioned, I'm an affiliate of Artlist. You can hear more of Artlist's music and purchase their songs for your personal enjoyment or business here: Artlist I use Google Calendar, Google Keep, Gmail, and Google Drive in Google's G Suite for my business...

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