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Facing Your Fear of Risk

Facing Your Fear of Risk 9th Rest Day for 2022 I took my 9th rest day for 2022 yesterday, Friday, April 8, 2022. I also rested most of Thursday, April 7, 2022 except for pro bono legal work I did for my client as a business attorney. For my day to count as a rest day, I have to avoid all work and be present with my relaxing activities by myself or with loved ones. This past week and the week before, I spent 6 days with my entire immediate family since my sister Mia and her family were staying at my parents’ house in Pearl City, Hawaii for 6 days. They vacationed on their own for 4 days on...

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Don't assume responsibility for something you're not responsible for.

Cognitive Distortions 10 - Don't assume responsibility for something you're not responsible for. For example, you have a friend who is abusive towards his girlfriend, so you have a talk with him on ways to resolve an issue without resorting to violence. After a number of heart-to-heart talks, your friend hits his girlfriend again. This crushes you, and you tell yourself, "I must be a bad friend." No, you did the best you could to reach out to your friend to change his behavior, but he didn't. What your friend ultimately does, is his responsibility, not yours. Maybe you're helping your little cousin to do her homework. However, she still doesn't complete her homework. Don't put blame on yourself. You...

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