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2: Positive Masters - Mindset Clips - Count Your Wins!

Count your wins! This video clip is from 6: Positive Masters - Study & Work with Me. Consistency is key. Whether you're working on your mind, body, or soul, put a little bit of effort daily. Over time, it adds up. Schedule your work and exercise in your calendar and in an app that you can share with your accountability partner. At the end of your day, count your wins and journal it. I journal mine in the notes section of my Google calendar that syncs with my MacBook Pro and Galaxy smartphone. I also write it in my Day One journal, a private journal on my MacBook Pro. Third, I write it in apps with my accountability buddies such...

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1: Positive Masters Show - Expressing Your Gratitude for the Process of Making Your Coffee (podcast clip)

In this clip of episode 1 of the Positive Masters Show podcast, I share how you can be grateful for many things & experiences throughout your day such as the process of making your coffee. The full episode "1: Positive Masters Show - 3 Daily Gratitude Practices to Boost Your Happiness!" is available on the Positive Masters Youtube Channel here: Positive Masters Youtube Channel & on all major podcast platforms. Pour your favorite hot beverage into our Positive Masters' Spilled Pink Milk Logo Mug to launch your day forward with positivity! This mug is available for purchase here: Spilled Pink Milk Logo Mugs Enjoy the +positive masters+ universe here at for mindset practices, motivational writing, business development strategies, & apparel & accessories...

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Entire Ep. 2 of the Positive Masters Show Podcast - How Working on Your Passion Projects Can Increase Your Joy and Purpose!

"Episode 2 of the Positive Masters Show - How Working on Your Passion Projects Can Increase Your Joy and Purpose!" is now available on the Positive Masters Youtube channel and all major podcast platforms where you can subscribe to our show. In this episode, I go over the following: 1. Defining Passion Projects2. Different Types of Passion Projects3. Reviewing the Things You're Passionate About Of the 70+ practices that I do, working on my passion projects give me a reason to look forward to the next day, even years ahead. It also fuels my drive to better this world in some small. And when I'm in darkness, it keeps me progressing with more knowledge, skills, and relationships. 😊 Click the Youtube link...

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